Hello and Welcome!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton  

The Freedom To Express

Artists are lucky enough to explore life differently than others, they can express their feelings through their various mediums like colors, canvas/paper, similar to musicians, singers, performer, actors, writers…etc. They are not bound to a particular style, medium or subject.

  Being a painter, I have tried various types of colors & medium to express my feeling in various mediums like charcoal, pen and ink, watercolors, pastels, oil, acrylic and many more. Based on the subject I, use medium and that’s really works better and justify the particular subject, each medium is powerful enough to express the thoughts.   I don’t want to stick in traditional art, it’s not that I have not done earlier. But I have the urge to explore various mediums. I like experimenting and finding out different forms from each painting. Honestly, repetition is boring for me.   My artistic passion started with oil & canvas. I have created many semi realistic and abstract painting in my early career. Oil paintings stopped me, when I move from Mumbai to Bangalore. Bangalore’s cold weather condition did not allow me to do canvas painting, as it would take more time for drying of each layer. Nevertheless to say I have moved on to acrylic painting which gave me similar effect and paintings would dry quickly, and I could produce a good amount of paintings in lesser time.   I like travelling and that’s how I could find more subjects for my painting. People, their culture, landscape, seascape, mountains, river, even abstract expressions. No limit to do anything, what I felt, I expressed.   Innovation and fresh colors, thats what I wanted to express in my paintings. You can hardly see dull and boring colors in my paintings. For me, art is to make people happy rather than sad and dull.   – Umesh Shebe